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Dental Payment Plans

We have a payment solution for everyone! We’ll fix your smile without regard to your ability to pay.
“Dentist no insurance San Antonio” need not worry you.
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Finding a quality and cost-effective family dentist can be a difficult feat without insurance. But by reading through this breakdown, you can learn more about dental costs and where to find cheap dentists. We’ll explain how the cost of an emergency dentist varies base

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At Imagine Dental, having no dental insurance in San Antonio is no problem!

d on the reason for your visit and offer tips to help you find a low-cost quality dentist in your area.

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While we are not a free dental clinic, you will receive top notch, first class service.  Our friendly staff will nee to your comfort and dignity with all of out services:

  • Such as Cleaning,
  • fillings,
  • cleaning,
  • braces,
  • crowns and caps,
  • full or partial mouth dental implants,
  • x-rays,
  • And when you are all done, you will get some free samples!

Dental Assistance San Antonio

Even if you have no insurance, or no extra cash, We can help you out with payment plans.

Sometimes, “no fee financing”

The dental assistance applications for financing are simple, and you will get an answer to your request with 30 minutes.   Imagine Dental of NW San Antonio is here to serve you, as a preferred person.

Cheap Dentist no Insurance

There are free clinics for dental care in the San Antonio, Texas area. You may want to check them out.
These clinics are sometimes funded by local organizations and staffed by volunteer dentists. Free clinics may operate as

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charities focus on treating the poor and indigent and they have n dental insurance. And they offer limited amount of services like fillings, tooth extractions or cleanings, but may offer other services depending on their funding. Some free clinics also refer patients to other sources of inexpensive dental care, including low cost clinics and government programs. Low cost dental care is provided by licensed dentists in clinic settings, but with reduced prices for patients who meet certain eligibility requirements based on income. The two main types of low cost clinics are those that accept private insurance and those that do not. Government programs usually focus on children and seniors in most cases although some states do offer limited adult dental benefits.”

Here at Imagine Dental Care,

free dental day San Antonio

twice a year. And we can recommend an “

emergency dentist san Antonio no insurance

” for those qualified individuals and families.

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Why is going to the dentist important?

  • Your healthy teeth, gums, and smile contribute to your self esteem. Semiannual visits to a dentist for checkups is the start point. We call this “health and wellness”.
  • Dentists not only spot and treat existing problems, but they can prevent future problems.
  • Problems that dentists can spot and prevent include tooth decay and gum disease.
  • A routine dental examination may detect oral cancer in the very early stages of development.
  • Besides detecting cavities, your dentist or hygienist can spot Plaque and Tartar in the early stages.
  • Annual xrays can detect problems underneath the surface of your teeth and gums.
  • Poor oral hygiene can affect the health of your body in many ways.
  • Finally, not taking care of your teeth can be a very expensive and needlessly costly decision.

If you don’t have any insurance, or if you don’t have enough money to pay for dental treatment, then finding affordable dental care can be a challenge. However, even if you live in an area where there are no low-cost dental services nearby, you still might have some options.  Going to the dentist is like have a roof repairedYou should do it now, or you’ll have bigger problems later.

I don’t have money to go to the Dentist

Check out State and Local Resources. The University of Texas San Antonio Dental School. They have very low fees for dental services. The dental school has community dental clinics in san antonio, where they offer “low cost dental services”, including implants and Invisalign braces.

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Also, Contact local churches. They frequently know of affordable, local dental service providers. san antonio christian dental clinic