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Since 2013, some 9 Years, HRI Roofing of San Antonio has been the #1 trusted Residential Roof covering Company in the area. Factually we have helped hundreds of families here in south Texas repair as well as replace the roofs on their homes and rental houses. If you require a brand-new roofing system for your home or rental, call Orlando Marrero (210 660-5331) to schedule a free roof inspection. He will give you several options on how to keep your home safe and secure from the Texas weather!
When you consider the durability and the 35 to 50 year longevity of a metal roof replacement San Antonio, this may be the last roof you will ever buy!
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When a flat roof is installed correctly, it give YEARS of protection

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If you have lived in your house for 10 to 20 years or longer, a complete roof replacement will probably be needed in the near future. Some common facts that necessitate the replacement of your roof are:

  • Constant leaks in more than one area of your roof
  • You may see cracks or discoloration in your ceiling
  • The surface of your roof is coated with algae or mold
  • Your roof is near of end of the warranty period
  • You see loose tile, shingles, or metal panels in your roof
  • The roof has been repaired several times over that last few years
  • The roof was damaged by a hail, wind or rain storm, or a hurricane or tornado
  • The existing roofing material is deteriorating

6 Reasons to replace your roof as it wears out:

Metal Roof red Brick Building
New metal roof on a Coast Guard dormitory building.
  • As you know, the roof protects the people inside the house, the interior of the house, and the belongings.
  • A different roof color, or type of roof material will improve your home’s curb appeal!
  • If your roof has been damaged by a storm, your homeowner insurance policy will probably cover most of the roof replacement cost.
  • You may like the appearance of the new metal roof on your neighbor’s house.
  • You plan of living in your current house for years to come.
  • If you are working on an emergency roof replacement situation right now, your insurance policy may be cover most of the roof replacement costs.

Black Metal Roof San Antonio

With the popularity of “black”, our black metal roofs will look great for years to come, plus with our complete metal roofing system, your indoor comfort will not be compromised!

And when you decide to get a new roof, call San Antonio’s HRI Roofing. With over 10 years experience as an independent roofing contractor, Orlando Marrero can tell you about the current trends in roofing materials, styles, colors, etc. and if you want to consider a metal roof upgrade, HRI has 10 crews that specialize in nothing else by metal roofs. And 5 to 10 men compose the crew that will come to your house.

HRI can completely replace most composition – asphalt shingle roofs within a day.
HRI has financing options.
During the roof installation, HRI can perform any needed Gutter, soffit, or fascia repairs and painting.

HRI has a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you don’t pay a dollar until the job is completed to your satisfaction.
HRI is a full service residential and commercial roofing contractor.

Before saying “yes” to another contractors quotation, call HRI for a FREE second opinion.
With our experience and conservative overhead structure, We Will Save you Thousands of Dollars on your San Antonio Roof Replacement project.
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Luxury Shingles
These luxury provide a longer life span for your roof.

When it comes to taking care of our customer’s residences, we repair a roof the same way we install a roof; we don’t cut corners, cheat, or skimp on any job. The goal for all of our roof repairs is them to outlast the roof as a whole. By using the best repair techniques, and the proper material along the way, and by following the local building codes, can count on no more leaks. Our workmanship exceeds the industry standards; our roof repairs are the best around – count on it. And we the job is complete only when you are satisfied with our work.

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Because of our buying practices, we buy smart, and we pass the savings on to you! You get the same high quality service, products, and warranties at a lower, discounted price.   Our low prices may mitigate the cost of your insurance deductible.